Chronic wounds develop when the normal healing process of the wound is disrupted. It is the type of wound that doesn’t heal within a specific time frame that such type of wound should have been healed. They are a side effect of diseases and, in some cases, are overlooked. To determine if the wound is chronic, patients should keep track of how long the wound lasts.

One of the chronic wounds that are often overlooked is the small vascular wound caused by poor circulation. When the wound fails to receive the amount of blood that it needs, the wound heals longer. This makes it prone to possible infection. This type of wound is often found in the lower extremities. Compressing the wound may be helpful in this case.

Another is the wound caused by an allergic reaction to salves and dressings. This is the reason why physicians need to ask their patients if there is something that they are allergic to. If you haven’t taken an allergy test for a long time, consider having one since there are cases where people develop allergies after they have reached adulthood.

Bacterial biofilm can also be one of the causes for wounds not healing. This occurs when bacteria attach to a nearby surface and are enclosed into a polysaccharide. This keeps the bacteria in the layer and eventually causes new bacteria to accumulate in the layer. Highly concentrated oxidizing agents together with hot water are often used to treat this kind of wound.

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