We may suffer from burns at times while living our everyday lives. Proper assessment and treatment of the wound are necessary to avoid infection. It will also help heal the wounds faster.

What are the different types of burns?

  • First Degree – This kind of burn only affects the skin’s outermost layer and can be quite painful. The skin becomes red, but it will eventually come off. Typically, medical care is not needed.
  • Second Degree – This burn affects the dermis area, and it may lead to blisters forming. It takes a longer time to heal and has more chances of scarring.
  • Third Degree – With this burn, the skin turns white or brown. The skin also becomes stiff and takes months to heal.
  • Fourth Degree – The burn extends to the muscle and underlying fat. Typically, the color of the skin turns black. This requires you to seek medical attention quickly.

Proper Care For the Burns

For the second to the fourth degree burn, you need to see a professional dress your wound. They may use a debridement to remove debris and blisters. You need to keep the wound clean as it heals. You would also need to change the dressing often to prevent infection. Make sure to have your follow-up checkups on time to know if your wound is healing well or to know if you need to try a different method to have your wound healed faster.

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