After undergoing ostomy surgery, for sure, your mind would be full of questions about what your life will be like, so here, we would be answering some of the questions you might just have.

Is it okay to shower with my pouch? It is up to you. Nowadays, there are pouches that you can wear or remove while showering. There is no problem if your pouch gets wet because you can just simply pat it dry.

How often should I change my pouch? In most cases, pouches are changed twice a week. However, some patients prefer changing it only once a week. One indication that you should change your pouch is when you feel an itching or burning sensation.

If you are fond of showering and are wondering if you can swim in a pool facility, then you need to know that you are protected against discrimination by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and you can file a complaint in case you are denied access.

Do I need to avoid certain foods? It would be best for you not to consume foods that are high in fiber. As for other food restrictions, you need to discuss it with your surgeon and dietician. If you are eating raw food, you need to make sure to chew them well so that it would be easier to digest.

More than anything else, you need to always have your emergency kit in case leaks happen. Also, if you are experiencing difficulties with using your pouch or you experience irritation, make sure to seek advice from your doctor.

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