Although caring for an ostomy wound is often viewed as a daunting task, having the right knowledge makes it much easier, especially with the use of the right supplies. So, let’s start with your pouch system, and the barrier is the most important part since it protects your wound from waste and prevents odor.

If you have a mushy stool, then it is advisable for you to look for a drainable pouch with an opening located at the bottom. On the other hand, if your stool is difficult to squeeze out, choose a closed pouch that is thrown out after every use. You need to be familiar with the right way of applying it to avoid tape burn.

Eating less fiber during the first weeks after surgery will also help a lot since your stoma and intestines may be swollen. You also need to keep your wound clean. Also, keep an eye on the skin surrounding your stoma. Make sure that it does not show any sign of infection or irritation. To prevent skin problems, you need to make sure that the hole of the barrier is molded according to the right size. It is also important to properly change the barrier.

In case any irritation does occur, treat it by washing your skin and patting it dry. After that, sprinkle stoma powder on the irritated area and get rid of the excess powder. You can also dab it using an alcohol-free skin barrier wipe. Let it dry, then apply the barrier. In case the situation gets worse, consult your doctor.

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