People often mistake ostomy for a wound when in fact, they are not the same at all. A wound is an injury usually involving membrane breaking and tissue damage. At the same time, an ostomy is done to create an artificial passage for the body waste. The surgery to create an ostomy involves redesigning the body so that waste can pass through an opening called the stoma.

Ostomy specialists and care associates play a very important role in providing support to patients before and after they undergo surgery. Not only do they provide professional advice, but they also assist patients in finding the right products like wafers for their body type and stoma shape.

Ostomy is not a temporary or permanent wound. So, why do people have a misconception about it? Oftentimes, a wound care nurse is the one who provides clinical services to a person who has an ostomy. This is one of the things that led people into considering ostomy as a wound instead of considering it as a surgery needed to address a problem.

Ostomy and wound are results of different phenomena. Although making a stoma involves breaking the skin, it is not done to damage the underlying issues. Instead, it is done in order to remedy the damage caused by an injury or illness. It is not accidental damage, and it is definitely not like a wound that needs to be healed.

It is very important to be mindful of the terms used, especially when taking care of the stoma. There are instances where irritation happens on the area underneath the ostomy appliance, and the wound develops. In such cases, a better appliance is needed. On the other hand, it is not provided on the ostomy itself but instead on the skin surrounding it when it comes to wound care.

Nowadays, it is very important to use the right words in order to prevent misinformation. After all, the words that we use when it comes to ostomy may affect how other people in the community view it. It may also affect how people take care of it and how they handle people with ostomy.

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